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What We Do

Parent Workshops

to teach families strategies

Staff Training

to emphasize impact of family engagement

Consultation Services

to support administrators or Parent Facilitators

Parent Workshops

Workshop presentations can be during the day or in the evening. They can be in person or online.

Workshop presentations include research about why the topic is important and specific hands-on strategies which parents can use with their children immediately.

Workshops are interactive and give parents the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with each other, which helps to build community.

Available Topics:

  • Easy Reading Strategies to Use Today
  • Building Reading Stamina
  • Super Strategies for Studying Sight Words
  • Helping Your Child Succeed in School
  • Improving Your Child’s Vocabulary > See the Slides!
  • I Know my Child’s Reading Level…Now What?
  • Writing About Reading
  • The Reading and Math Connection
  • Reading at Home--Strategies for Parents
  • Real World Reading

If you have other specific topics in mind, we will be glad to work with you to meet your school’s needs and goals.

Bilingual Parent Engagement Groups (BPEG)

This is a group of bilingual parents from your school.  The purpose of the group is for them to be available at every school event to support families who may not speak English proficiently.  They are also available to make phone calls or text families to remind them of important events.  They act as ambassadors to create a sense of welcome for all families.

Staff Training

to Emphasize the Impact of Family Engagement

Example Topics:

  • Building Partnerships: Family Engagement 101
  • Implementing Effective Family Engagement Practices
  • Organizing an International Night
  • Starting a BPEG
  • Hosting Conversational English Groups/Classes

Consultation Services

Let's start with a Family Engagement Needs Assessment. Once we know where your school is, we can make a plan to move forward. We can give you ideas for ways you can increase your school's effectiveness. We can also work with school administrators or Parent Facilitators to complete documents and paperwork to meet federal Title I requirements.