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Who We Are

Empowering Schools to Engage Families.

Let Empower to Engage, LLC help you move your school events from parent involvement to family engagement.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to support and empower schools and other agencies to become places where all families feel welcomed, valued, equipped, and engaged so that they can support their children’s academic success to the best of their abilities.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra is a Cobb County native and lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with her husband and dogs. She is the mother of two adult daughters and one son-in-law.

She was Varner Elementary’s Teacher of the Year in 2003-2004 and runner-up in 2015-2016.

After 33 years of experience as a classroom teacher, ESOL teacher, Parent Facilitator, and RTI Support Specialist, Sandra formed Empower to Engage, LLC.

Because of her background, Sandra still maintains the perspective of a teacher. This helps her develop rapport with staff members and enables them to accept the training she provides with a positive attitude.

Sandra T. Smith, Consultant and Presenter

Because she is also a parent, Sandra is able to relate to members of other families and give them practical strategies that they can incorporate into their daily routines.

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys reading, hiking with her family, jogging, and playing with her dogs.

Sandra has...

Assisted administrators and district supervisors with writing Title I School Improvement Plans, compacts, and policies for a local school.

Led numerous workshops and seminars for families, both in person and online.

Consulted with local Parent Facilitators to complete required Title I documentation.

Presented to local and district teachers and staff on multiple topics.

We specialize in engaging families with limited English proficiency.

Family engagement helps parents feel welcomed and valued.

Parent workshops may be in person or online.